Disturbed by Rihanna (vent)

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Just another puppet that’s being controlled by the label. She’s just very overrated, plastic, corporate-produced, pre-packaged garbage.

She doesn’t have enough talent to be as big as she is. Her voice is nothing special and her singing is definitely not as skilled as even many American Idol contestants. I do think she made it big because of her looks(which I also, don’t understand because she doesn’t seem attractive at all to me either). There are so many more gorgeous girls from the Carribean with much more beautiful voices. What also irritates me, is that instead of counting her blessings and being thankful for where she is, Rihanna instead, acts rude and stuck up to her fans with a diva attitude as if she can sing like Whitney Houston(if you go on TMZ and look up the video with her leaving I think the Late Show while ignoring her fans, you’ll understand what I’m talking about). She’s fortunate to even be noticed by them. There are dozens of people with more talent who should truly be in her place, but, like they say, life can be unfair.

Most of the garbage popular music is enhanced in the studio to sound good. Nearly all of these so called artists that are incredibly popular are really talentless hacks and are popular for their marketability through tv, magazines and videos. Hell look at T-Pain, the guy is a total joke. He uses auto-tune and everyone thinks it sounds so cool. Its takes no talent to do that, its a computer changing the pitch of his voice. Autotune programs can make steven hawking sound like that. People need to get a clue before decent music dies completely.

Because in the studio, they are able to do multiple takes until they get it right. Also, in the studio there are countless mastering effects, vocal tools, etc. They have software that can fix the pitch of your voice, make it fuller, etc.

Rihanna for example simply has no talent, notice how she like always touches her crotch or is wearing october 31st attire on stage or something like that see that’s meant to distract from the fact that she sounds like a goat making orgasam Noises underwater lol

I find it amazing how some people think she is the “next Beyoncé”. Rihanna will NEVER even come CLOSE to the amazing, powerful, soulful voice of B. She has some catchy songs, but the writers DEFINITELY gave them to the wrong artist.

She is better than most of the Disney “singers”, though. **cough cough MILEY CYRUS **cough cough JONAS BROTHERS *cough cough

She doesn’t have a great voice and doesn’t write songs or play any instruments. If you listen to her sing live you will know what I mean when I say her voice is nothing special.

She is just another one of those “hot” celebs with no real talent. Just like Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears etc. I could go on and on.

I do not hate her- she’s obviously adored my many humans..but it erks me that so many people I know drool over her and I’m left looking like the douche when I break out with all the above. Her music is catchy, I like to dance to it…but that’s not because I like her- just the production work EVERYONE ELSE puts in.

Sighs. Just needed to vent ya’ll.


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