Whitman vs. Brown (Just some Facts)

Here is the current poll for Brown vs. Whitman:

Born and raised in California it’s difficult for me to believe that California voters can’t put two and two together! Arnold is a Republican acting like a Democrat, and while he is certainly liked he has been unable to clean up the mess left by several Democratic Governors of the state, most likely due to the embedded US Senators and Congressional legislatures, but he has to take the blame himself as: like I said, he does act like a Liberal a lot.

The above being said I think Brown will not be able to solve the states huge financial crisis, eventually begging the Federal government to pick up the pieces (if they don’t have another major quake). If O is still in office when California is officially designated a loss he will no doubt bail them out.

For the answer that said Brown was not a big spender, you don’t have to be labeled a big spender to spend on the wrong things. California’s problem has a lot to do with housing and business tax and regulation, which Brown is definitely a part of.They didn’t call him
Governor Moon Bean for no reason.

Whitman http://www.megwhitman.com/about
Meg Whitman Pictures, Images and Photos

Whitman is a billionaire business exec with no previous political or government experience and has only advanced because she has spent $80 million on TV ads. She has not yet had a press conference and refuses to answer questions. Arnold did not show up for a forum with other candidates because it was not viewed on TV in prime time. She is conservative Republican.

Meg Whitman is politics as usual and wants to buy her way into the governorship. She wants the position and the power but could care less about the people. It will never happen.

Meg Whitman is for smaller government and letting the tax payers of the state keep their hard earned money. Less governmental control over the private lives.
Meg Whitman is the lesser of the two.

Meg Whitman: billionaire who used her own money to fund her campaign due to a lack of donations from common people.

Meg Whitman is a self made businesswomen who care enough about the state to fund her campain with her own money, lessening the chances she has been bought off

Whitman worked for Goldman Sachs and did insider trading which is illegal. She was CEO at Ebay and made her billions and then laid off people. A CEO does not make an effective governor, as we have witnessed with Arnold for 7 years. He failed totally. He had no political experience. She did not even vote for 28 years. She had people working for her who got paid. It is a different problem to have the responsibility of 37,000,000 people’s lives on your hands. She has no proven record of helping people, of any public service or any actions that indicate she would know what to do for the state. She cannot help people find jobs. That is not the Governor’s purvue. She would lower taxes but that would not help hiring and roll back environmental rules.

Jerry Brown http://www.jerrybrown.org/about
Jerry Brown Pictures, Images and Photos

Jerry Brown… washed up, but highly successful politician.

Jerry brown is a washed up politician who is running on the “im a super liberal” plat form.

Jerry Brown is the grandfather of California politics and a liberal Democrat but with age has developed more centrist views. He was the Governor in the 70s, then he was mayor of Oakland and currently is the Attorney General.

Jerry Brown had a bad run as Governor many years ago during a different time. Since then, he has had a successful term as the Mayor for Oakland and Attorney General for the state, He has a deep commitment to the state of California and her people.

Jerry Browns answer to everything it tax tax and more tax. Bigger government and more government taking from everyone. Ran the state already and almost caused it to go bankrupt. He should be told to retire and not come back!

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